6 July 2021

Poppets Mix-Ups (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Poppets Mix-Ups

When I first saw these Poppets Mix-Ups I had the thought that the idea was genius and I couldn’t work out why they hadn’t made mixed bags of Poppets before. Then the cogs turned in my brain along with a flash of deja vu and I thought I have had something like these before but in my defence it was 2014 Poppets Movie Mix. They did a mix with a raisin one and and on orange chocolate too, I don’t know why they haven’t put an orange one in this version as chocolate orange is really on trend at the minute.

Poppets Mix-Ups

In this bag we have malt balls which are small and crunchy, but have a very good flavour. The malt taste was quite strong and the texture was lovely and crisp. The large chocolates in the bag are all milk chocolate they are pleasing to munch on. The toffees are hard and chewy with chocolate, never my favourite but a good sweet over all. Finally we have the salted caramel which was a wonderful salty sweet rich fudge like filling, pure yum. I really like the randomness of dipping into the bag of sweets, my favourites were the salted caramel fudge like balls of goodness. The only thing I would have liked is a fruity one in the mix just to break up the flavours. Chocolate orange really should have made an appearance.

Poppets Mix-Ups


zeddy said...

It would taint the other flavours.

Coffee was rightly removed from Revels .. oh wait..that was peanut.
..and they have an orange one too..
Anyway, my point stands. (Kinda)

I'm always suspicious of a person who doesn't like hard toffee sweets.
Chewing nuts anyone?

cinabar said...

Mint? That would taint the flavour but is a fab Poppet flavour. Sorry on the hard toffee, it is just they taste nice but are get stuck in your teeth....