3 January 2014

Movie Mix Poppets (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

Poppets were a staple of my childhood and my pocket money was always well spent on them, they do fill me with nostalgia. When I was wandering around the chocolate section of the supermarket these Poppets caught my eye, mainly because they were in a bag! I totally understand the reason for the packaging, the grab bag market is right on trend at the minute. The bag even states “Out of their tiny box!” which made me smile. As much as I love the little boxes that Poppets usually come in, this does make them perfect for sharing with friends.
I poured some of the chocs out and had a look at them. With the exception of some of the small and large raisins I realised they were all pretty much equally shaped, and as such it was rather difficult to guess what flavour you might be eating! I quite like that element of fun. The four varieties are:

Orange - This one has a fairly solid filling, almost like icing in texture. The flavour is fresh and fruity and lovely sweet citrus.

Shortcake - This one was filled with crunchy buttery biscuit goodness. It is a solid bite, but the rich biscuit is a nice reward.

Raisin - It wouldn't be Poppets without the chocolate coated raisins. They mix up the textures in the bag as these ones are a little bit more chewy, but sweet and juicy.

Fudge - The last one is the fudge, it is soft and sweet and has a mild taste of toffee. It is a nice addition to the selection, and is rather easy eating.

One thing that I noticed was that my favourite mint ones were missing from the Movie Mix bag, but I do understand that peppermint is such a strong flavour that if it is in a packet with other chocolate it can contaminate them. Other than that I really like the new look of Poppets, and think the sharing bag is going to be a big success for them. It has revived one of my favourite sweets of old for me.
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

This was a most disappointing find, partly due to my own incompetence while reading the flavours. I was incredible excited to find a full bag of wonderful, tasty poppets in my local shop, I even waited until I had a child free home to eat them. Relaxing at home, I decided it was time to open them and experience this wonder. My first one was orange….I have no recollection of orange poppets, so I ate it grudgingly. My second was to put an end to my poppet adventure all together as I came across a fudge poppet! BLUH! What is this horror! Not toffee? Where is my mint? Bag is now going to a more loving home where it can be cared for as I just can’t manage them on my own anymore.