11 January 2014

Magner's Specials; Spiced Apple and Rhubarb Cider (@MagnersUK Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

Magner's have been producing Irish cider in Annerville, County Tipperary, since 1935. This original Magner's cider has been specially blended with rhubarb and cinnamon spice. The bottle stated that this flavoured cider was "subtly sweet and tart", so I was expecting the usual bite I get from rhubarb puddings in the summer time and also mixed with the wintery flavour of sweet cinnamon. The pinkish cider had a feisty fizz on opening the bottle, so much so that I almost lost some to the bubbles bidding to escape on release of the bottle top. There was a strong apple cider odour to this drink mixed with a twang of rhubarb and an afterthought of sweet cinnamon spice. The taste almost followed suit with the smell. There was a strong initial full bodied kick from the apple cider, then a tantalising sweetened taste of rhubarb which was tickled playfully by the spice from the cinnamon. I've never been a huge fan of cinnamon myself, as many an apple pie or strudel has been ruined by its overuse, but having said that used proportionately cinnamon can have the same winter warming spicy affect as ginger. This cider's cinnamon spice did indeed have the warming effect that I had been looking for on this wet and windy start to the New Year. I just need a few more of these Spiced Apple and Rhubarb Cider bottles and a good old sing-a-long; everybody now; "Oh... it's a long way to Tipperary... Hic!"

Information on the bottle;
500ml glass bottle at 4% volume. Ingredients included; original Irish cider blended with natural rhubarb and sweet cinnamon flavourings.
By Spectre

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