2 January 2014

GLO Worm - Stimulating Mixers [review by @NLi10]

Recently (via Twitter no less) we were invited to try a new range of stimulating mixers.  I don't drink much these days, and I also cut back on caffeine which these also contain so it was an easy choice to pick these to review for that once a year event where alcohol is plentiful and sleep less so - New Years!

We received a stack of 4 cans - one of each flavour - which are tailored each to specific spirits that you would expect to find at any new-years party.

Their slogan - rethink your drink - is an apt one.  I despise bars that serve luxurious alcoholic beverages with the cheapest most pathetic soft drinks possible alongside.  People are having their specific brand of alcohol - requested by name - with generic brand cola and really not getting the best out of the deal.  To this end I offered these to people drinking spirits at a family party and monitored the results.

We tried the Raspberry & Orris (which I am choosing not to Google and am picturing as some kind of small New World monkey or Lemur) with vodka, and the Cucumber and Apple with gin.

By itself the Raspberry drink was nice enough - but like other premium mixers it almost tastes like there is something missing. The vodka fills that taste hole very nicely and people agreed that it worked well.  The fragrance of the mixer balances the base notes of the vodka.

The gin was kind of the reverse as Gordon's is fairly fragrant itself and the cucumber and apple added a subtle sweetness to it making it much more summery than a gin and lemonade would be normally.

As we only had one can of each flavour this meant that no-one was over stimulated and we didn't get to test that aspect (although one of the people who had tried it fell asleep about 10 mins past midnight I'd had the most and made it tip 2am easily).  No-one thought that they were detrimental to the taste of the alcohol, but everyone agreed they were better when combined with their respective flavour.

I think it may be fun to mix them up and to try them with the wrong alcohols, but that may be somewhat disappointing.

I do hope that respectable bars stock these as I can imagine myself ordering them by name and will look out for and recommend them to my more boozy friends.

Happy New Years to all our readers - once I've finished doing all the festive reviews I'll hopefully manage to do a recap of the year this time. :)

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