6 January 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Eggs (WH Smiths) [By @cinabar]

I spent some time yesterday taking down the Christmas tree and it seems as soon as they are supposed to be packed away the local shops are preparing for Easter. In the WH Smiths near my work the Christmas chocs were all in the reduced section and the Crème Eggs and Cadbury Bunnies are now proudly sitting on the shelves. In amongst the goodies for the new season these Daim eggs were brought to my attention by the lovely lady that runs the shop and understands my Foodstuff Finds obsession!
I opened the bag and found eight small foil wrapped eggs. Under the wrapper there is a familiar Cadbury egg with the same logo and design as your find on its bigger brother the Creme Egg.
I gave one a taste and have to say I was a bit disappointed. It is quite a solid egg, with thick chocolate, but the filling inside is still quite heavy too. The flavour is almost exclusively that of Dairy Milk chocolate. There is a slight crunch, presumably the Daim pieces, but the flavour is all but lost. In terms of positively identifying actual Daim bits I found two, that was during me eating four of the eggs... and those pieces were quite small. So yes it is there if you look for it, but I think you could quite happily munch these without noticing much of any addition to the flavour. According to the packet they contain 9% Daim, or to put it another way they are 91% not Daim. These are more eggs with a hint of Daim than proper Daim eggs. I'll be getting my Daim fix from the regular uber sweet and crunchy Daim bars and hoping this Easter brings a few more stronger goodies than this.
This does remind that the new Dairy Milk with Daim bar also had a very mild Daim flavour. I'm starting to think whoever is in charge of Daim at Cadbury actually isn't a fan of their own bar!
By Cinabar

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