9 January 2014

50 Ingredient Rocky Road [review by @NLi10]

Here we have another festive themed present that I received - this time made by my mother.  She's become our family expert at the humble rocky-road and has taken inspiration from many places to get to this point.  And recently she made a batch that contained FIFTY separate ingredients! This is from the remainders of that batch, but in a lovely festive shape (and. Box)

Here we have the humble snowman - resplendent in his three chocolate colours.  But what lies within I hear you ask?

Everything!  You can see things like meringue, space rocks, toffee, citrus sweets, maltesers and other things in this one part of his hat alone. There are chocolates of many flavours, mini chocolate versions of box-of-chocolate things. There is marsh mallow there is nougat!

I didn't get the full final list of things that went into this - you can get an idea of the scale from the last picture - it was huge.  It's been very enjoyable to eat and call out what you find over the post Christmas weeks, it goes very well with tea.

There is just enough base inside and solid top chocolate to make sure that you aren't over sweeted and I haven't had a bad slice yet. A very yummy end to the Christmas leftover season indeed.

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