12 January 2014

Ainsley Harriott Spanish Chorizo & Paprika Soup [review by @NLi10]

I got a soup bowl for Christmas - celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott has a new range - and so we combined it all into one.

I've had a lot of lovely soups recently, mainly spicy ones which is something I'd never expected to like. This is like that, but is one of those newer style soups that isn't in a can and is presumably fresher.  The container has two portions which is nice, but also annoying as the lid is shocking - you couldn't carry it about.  I cooked it in my new bowl (with it's lid on) and had a tea in my I love gaming mug.

The soup was thicker than expected, but with no real chunks of ingredient that you could identify.  The picture is a little different.  This would have been an issue, but it was really really nice and filling so I couldn't complain too much.  I think that the taste was restaurant quality, but the texture and contents wouldn't be quite up there.  A good lunch with a bread and drink (for the heat) but not a must buy.

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