17 January 2014

Duke Of Delhi - Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut Mix Bar [By @Cinabar]

We have tried some strange chocolate concoctions in the past, and we thought we'd petty much seen everything. When the lovely folks from the Duke Of Delhi got in touch and asked if we wanted to try their chocolate even we were taken aback. At first I thought I'd misunderstood, Bombay Mix in chocolate? Oh yes!
There are actually a selection of different bars, and I will be giving them a try over the coming weeks but first up was the dark chocolate with coconut (and Bombay Mix) as it seemed like a good place to start.
Once the bar was unwrapped I discovered a dark glossy looking chocolate bar, which was very ornately moulded. You can’t tell the Bombay Mix is there until you break a piece off, then you can see little bits  hiding inside. I went for a cube and found it to be quite interesting on the taste buds.
The first thing you notice is the texture, it is quite a solid bar, and then it is really rather crunchy from all the added in ingredients. The very first flavour to hit is the coconut, and there is a mild creamy taste from this followed by a hit of dark chocolate. Its 60% cocoa so does add a good strong chocolate taste. The next part is a spice that develops as you eat, it's not too hot, but there is a tingle left on the palette. Then lots of interesting additional flavours appear, there is a nuttiness and the flavour of having just munched on Bombay Mix. I kid you not!
Now it is a bit of a strange bar, but it works better than expected. It takes your taste buds a few minutes to acclimatise to the combination! The flavours are curious and it is one to try out on friends to see if they can guess the flavour, and an ideal gift for those who like something a bit different.
One thing it did do is it made really keen to try the actual Bombay Mix that Duke Of Delhi make, as some of those have some intriguing ingredients too.
By Cinabar


Harmony said...

Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to try that chocolate!! Strange combination!

cinabar said...

Yes - it is a bit of strange one - but worth trying! I have another of their bars to tuck into too - so watch this space.