29 January 2014

Nandos Peri-Peri Grooves Spicy Chicken Crisps (Boots) [By @SpectreUK]

I recently wrote a blog about Nando’s Smokey Portuguese BBQ Peri-Peri Marinade and also how much I love our local restaurant. We've also written about previous Nando's large grab and share bags of crisps in the past. These new "Groove Cut Potato Chips" (or crisps) caught Cinabar's eyes in a local shop and when she brought a few packets home I just couldn't wait to try them.

On opening the packet there was predominantly a Peri-Peri smell from the reddish tinted crinkle cuts crisps inside. The barbecued chicken flavour tickled my taste buds first like a mother hen being chased around my mouth by an angry African Bird’s Eye Chilli. Then the tangy biting Peri-Peri flavour slapped my tongue and mouth with tasty chilli fire. These groove cut crisps had a decent crunch with a full on spicy Peri-Peri barbecued chicken flavour. They were very tasty and oh so very moreish. Once I'd finished the bag I just wanted more and more. I do hope Nando's brings out a grab and share bag of these crisps too!

Information on the packet;
Marked on the Peri-ometer as medium heat. No artificial colours or MSG. Flavoured with genuine African Bird’s Eye Chilli (Peri-Peri). 40g packet. See picture for ingredients and nutritional information.
By Spectre

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