23 January 2014

H2EMP - still lemon [review by @NLi10]

My humble paper shop is responsible for a fair few of the oddities that I find.  Here is one such drink - H2EMP is one of those water+ drinks that seem to be all the rage now we've realised that calories in drinks are by far the easiest to cut out of our diets without increasing misery.

This takes great care in saying that it contains hemp, but not the THC and states in no uncertain terms that it "will not get you high". It does however say that it will hydrate you and make you a bit more alert - but I guess that could be said of any water based drink.

I chose the lemon flavour.

The lemon is very lemony but not sharp, and certainly doesn't taste too artificial. It's a very drinkable taste, and not unlike the lemon wipes that you get after some Indian meals. I think that ignoring any pseudo health benefits it's actually a nice bottle of water, but at 75p I guess it has to be more than that.  And I think that mine was reduced.

It's suitable for everyone as essentially it's water and plant based, but it's nice to see something without sugar that doesn't taste slightly flat.  I did feel more awake after drinking it, but I drank it fairly early on when on a coach so it caused multiple loo breaks that maybe another drink wouldn't have. I'd happily have a second flavour though - or this one again. I prefer it to the vitamin water things and it's a nice non sweet alternative to Ribena and juices. 

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