7 January 2014

Swiss Milk Chocolate With Maple & Walnut (@Tesco Finest) [By @Cinabar]

I picked up this bar before Christmas as part of the indulgent grocery shop that is traditional at that time of year. In not sure how it got forgotten, but finding it after a busy day at work was a bit of a bonus, like when you put an old cost on and discover a five pound note hiding in the pocket.
I've said it a million times but I'm a big fan of chocolate and nuts plus I have a sweet tooth, so my reasons for picking this bar were obvious. I also like the identity crisis this bar had; it consisted of maple syrup and walnuts which are very American or Canadian in their nature, made with finest Swiss chocolate all for sale in Dudley, England. Dudley may not sound like the height of sophistication but believe me the Tesco there is epic.
Anyway I decided to finally try the bar out. The chocolate was quite thin with large flat pieces, the kind of size where only having a couple of them still means you get a decent portion.
The base chocolate is wonderfully thick and smooth in its melt. It has a very soothing sweet flavour with a mild creamy chocolate taste. The walnut bits are small, but they are plentiful and give the bar a gentle crunch with every bite. They add to the flavour, it's a distinctive nut and its woody tang works well with the chocolate. The maple enhanced the walnut taste and adds a little boost of extra sugar for those of us with a sweet tooth.
This is a soothing bar of chocolate, perfect for spending a cold night in with in front of the telly. The flavours are well developed and it's a lovely lavish twist on a classic chocolate and nut bar.
By Cinabar

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daisychain said...

this post makes me sad I'm allergic to nuts.