26 January 2014

Lindt - Hello My Name Is Cookies & Cream [review by @NLi10]

When Cinabar reviewed the Strawberry version of these I always intended to pick one up but never did.  On the day before a winter sun break I spotted and added the Cookies and Cream variety to my travel bag.

I'm not sure what I expected from this really, I guess that cookies and cream suggests a decent amount of biscuit for me to crunch on.  It turns out that it's more cream, but with Oreo-like crunchy bits floating in the soft, white chocolate.  This was very pleasant and contrasted nicely with the outer choc.  It was a little too sweet by the end, but this was easily counteracted by eating it as two halves while doing part of an open-top tour of Marrakech. 

I'd probably be more likely to explore the range than jump on this variety again, and they are a little pricier than I'd usually go for.

Naturally I picked up some of the local Moroccan snack foods, but those are to follow in the next few reviews I do.

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