30 January 2014

Genova Kids Cake Bar // Marrakech Market [review by @NLi10]

There are many forms of snack acquisition (snacquisition?) when abroad in a country whose main language isn't English.  My favourite is Point & Pay - which accounts for this particular item being the Kids variety.  I was pointing at the grown-up darker chocolate version - honest! 

We see the bar here at sundown over the main market square in Marrakech - we are in north Morocco - and the main languages are French and Arabic. While I hastily grabbed a few Arabic phrases my French is as terrible as it's always been and is a mash of cross over words and anglicised versions. Maybe the shop owner just figured I couldn't handle the grown up version.

The bar is a typical euro style cake bar, coated in chocolate and protected with card so that it doesn't squash or cover you in the chocolate in the heat.  The flavours are fairly strong and chocolatey and the cream is noticeable but not the main attraction here. It's lighter than I was expecting and was a nice pre-dinner snack.  I didn't eat it in the cafe where this was taken - apparently that would be rude...

We did get nice pictures of the market at sunset though!

I liked this sufficiently to pick up some Italian versions in Asda when I got back, but I think real cake is better and I'd rather have a bit more flavour and biscuit to crunch.

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