1 January 2014

Cinabar’s Foodstuff Finds 2013


I’ve written quite a few reviews over 2013, and I am looking forward to lots more in 2014!

I just wanted to briefly highlight some of my notable Foodstuff Finds…

  • Strangest Product

I heard about this bar being released in Ireland and tracked one down. It reminded me of being a kid eating chocolate and crisps in parallel; it is weird but kind of cool!

Tayto – Milk Chocolate Bar With Cheese n Onion Crisps

  • Most Disappointing Product
It is just that the brand Wonka brings so many expectations, but they just weren't met with this bar.

Wonka – Chocolate Nice Cream

  • Favourite Halloween Item

Mark's went to town with their spooky goodies this year, but stirring a witches finger in my tea really made me smile!

Witches Fingers Marks And Spencer

  • Best Curious Combination

Mixing white chocolate, green tea and early grey into one drink, who would have throughout that would work!

Matcha Green Tea Hot Chocolate Prestat

  • Favourite Fast Food Item
It’s a pizza with burgers round the edges - what’s not to love?

New Cheeseburger Vegetable Supreme: Pizza Hut

  • Favourite Chocolate Bar

I just loved the mix of passion fruit, meringue, strawberry and almonds all in a white chocolate base. It is the kind of bar that makes you say “wow”!

Knickerbocker Glory Chocolate - Prestat

  • The Product I Keep On Buying

I eat quite a few yoghurts, and obviously usually look for the ‘new’ label, this particular Muller variety caught my attention and the magic doesn’t ware off when I re-purchase.

Muller De Luxe Corner – Marc De Champagne

  • Coolest Items of 2013
I am a self confessed cinnamon addict which helped sway my decision, that and the mint variety came in Foodstuff Finds themed packaging!!! :-D

New Pringles - Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc

  • Most Read Post 2013
A re-release of some sweets which originally came out in the UK in 2008, but had a 2013 revamp:

New Skittles Confused? [2013 Edition]

Here is to more fun food blogging in 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

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