15 October 2013

New Pringles - Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc [By @cinabar]

I received a parcel from Pringles, and boy did it make me smile! Not only was I totally surprised by the innovative flavours, I was also quite surprised to see that the review sample of the Mint Choc ones came with Foodstuff Finds branding on it. Ace!

Okay the personalised packaging didn't quite distract from the fact that these new Pringles were sweet flavoured, so yes that's potato and sugar. Oh my! Now as bizarre as that seems popcorn can carry both sweet and savoury so why not the humble potato? Time to test them out...

I cracked open the mint pack first, and was surprised to find what looked exactly like regular Pringles, without any obvious sprinkles on them. I had it in my mind that they must be covered in a dusting of cocoa to add the chocolate taste, but they looked really plain. I cautiously gave one a taste, and my taste buds weren't quite sure what to make of what they were experiencing. The most obvious first thought was they were minty, but very much so, the peppermint taste was surprisingly strong and cooling. The next flavour to follow was the chocolate and despite there not being any obvious trace of cocoa there was again a very well defined chocolate taste, the sweetness worked well with the fresh taste of mint, but it was then that the more regular flavour of potato and even salted Pringles shone through. It was a bit weird, an acquired taste I guess, but they grew on me, and certainly had the novelty factor! They are very different and you do have to let that go and just enjoy them without worrying too much about the learnt rule you have in your head that crisps should be savoury. Apparently minty choc Pringles work, and you can't knock the fact they do what it says on the tin! They are worth giving a try just to experience something a bit different.

Next up were the cinnamon Pringles, so I think it only fair to explain that cinnamon is my very favourite spice, so obviously excitement set further in when it came to trying these. Unlike the mint ones these did have a bit more visible seasoning on them, as each had a dusting of brown cinnamon spice on them. The aroma reminded me of my favourite cinnamon toast, sweet warm and spicy. The flavour didn't disappoint the taste was lovely like brown sugar mixed with cinnamon; a fabulous helping of Christmas seasoning. Now my taste buds had no quibbles here these are divine, and felt like perfect sweet and savoury snack. There was still a bit of salt and potato but the flavours all seemed happy together working in harmony. I picture eating these curled up watching a suitable seasonal film, filling my senses with wonderful winter spice.

Despite the fact the mint choc variety came with some very cool Foodstuff Finds packaging I have to say the cinnamon variety is where my heart is, these are the one I'll be mourning next season when they disappear. For now though I'm going to stock up and enjoy them while I can. Big thanks to Pringles for sending us our very special pack, and for having such creativity with their new flavours. Now I'm going to follow one of their serving suggestions and try these new varieties as a scoop with ice cream! Oh my potato with a few scoops of fine vanilla ice cream, in for a penny...

By Cinabar


  1. I find it hard to imagine these flavours working, but I'm definitely up for giving the cinnamon ones a try!

  2. The minty ones are a bit weird at first, but did grow on me. Loved the cinnamon ones, they were fab. :-)

  3. The cinnamon one sounds enticing, do you think they're available in most supermarkets?

  4. Yes - they launch properly in supermarkets from the 20th October

  5. I found both products in a Tesco Extra in Plymouth yesterday. Some of my coworkers LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mint Choc ones but the general consensus was that the Sweet Cinnamon ones were better. Definitely a brave flavour choice but sure to get people talking!

  6. Cinnamon I can get my head around, mint however does not sit right with me!

  7. very excited to try these. I have wanted something like this to happen for soooo long. One bite of dairy milk and a cheese and onion crisp go so well together. well done pringles.

  8. Are these still being sold because I've only just discovered them! Thnx ~ Eden


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