4 October 2013

Kingdom - Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Centre (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

You don’t see too many new brands appearing on the chocolate shelf of supermarkets, but if anyone was going to support a new chocolate company I knew it would be Waitrose. It’s what makes them a favourite Foodstuff Finds haunt. ;-)
What attracted me to this bar, other than the rather wonderful bright packaging, was the inclusion of my favourite ingredient – peanut butter. When I got the bar home I realised the chocolate was a new British maker, based in Sussex. It amused me though as the wrapper is very proud of their British origins, and yet the flavour sounds so very American! I’m pleased to say that the chocolate is made from Ethical Ugandan Cocoa beans.
The bar is a very pretty looking bar, all of the chocolate squares have a crown moulded into them. I broke the first chunk off and I could see the chocolate shell was very thick, I popped the piece in my mouth. Oh my. I’ve eaten a lot of peanut butter chocolate concoctions, but I think this is the first with such a tasty premium chocolate coating. Stand aside Reeses, there is a new player on British shelves.
The chocolate shell is outstanding. The flavour is full on, rich, flavoursome, strong, but still creamy like a milk chocolate. It’s magic. It is liked they packed more cocoa in than they did, it is simply the good stuff. The peanut butter isn’t as strong or as plentiful as I would have expected, there is only a small amount in each piece, but it does add its fabulous salty nuttiness to the mix. What I wasn’t expecting was to like the chocolate so much. All I could think was the combination even with more chocolate and less peanut butter just works, as the chocolate is just so good. I’m going to have to toddle off back to Waitrose and see what other bars are available from this make, because I’m thinking if they are half as good as this one, they are a company that is going to go far.
For the minute though I’m just going to have another chunk of that superbly soothing richly toned chocolate nutty goodness.... mmm....
By Cinabar


daisychain said...

Mm, yes I love this stuff! I hear the Orange Marmalade one is good, too!

cinabar said...

I picked up a Cappuccino bar from them to try next!! Can't wait!