25 October 2013

Witches Fingers (@MarksAndSpencer) [By @cinabar]

Unlike the efforts from Monster Munch and Wotsits, Marks and Spencer's have really gone to town with their Halloween selection this year, not only are there some fab sweets out, the scorpion crisps were wonderfully themed and now there are these fine looking biscuits. Impressively they look even better once the packet was opened. The detail was remarkable, even down to the creases on the knuckles and the two tone finger nails. The nails were actually naturally coloured vanilla fondant, but they looked the part too.
These biscuits were a little bit thinner than expected when I came to take them out of the packet, but still were fairly decently sized portions. The biscuits are quite firm, and had a decent snap when I tested it to break a piece off. I felt like I was in the Mafia as one of their heavies breaking peoples fingers! The flavour was really good, they had a rich sweet buttery taste not dissimilar to shortbread, but the biscuit wasn't as dense as that in structure. Although the finger nail's fondant icing was perfect in terms of looks it merely added a bit of a vanilla hit when you bit the end of the finger off. :-)
These biscuits are just about one of the nicest themed Halloween items I've seen, the detail is impressive and the idea is rather unique. The fact that they are extremely tasty too makes them my favourite Halloween item so far this year. Well done to Marks and Spencer's for such innovation, and don't forget these biscuits will be perfect for dunking in your witches brew too!

By Cinabar

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