29 October 2013

Jaffa Cakes - Lemon & Slime - Limited Edition [By @cinabar]

Jaffa Cakes are one of my favourite biscuits. Okay I realise technically they are cakes not biscuits, but that's a minor matter, they are one of my favourite accompaniments to a nice chip off coffee. :-)
The last few years, at Halloween, they have released a Limited Edition Lemon & Slime variety that really ought to be with us for longer! The flavour may be a play on spooky slime instead of lime, but the flavour should be taken seriously at least. Each one has a dark chocolaty shell under which the slimy filling resides, the taste is predominantly lime, but with a sharper lemon aftertaste. The sweet rich cocoa flavour of the coating seems to be a good match for the zingy filling, and does make a refreshing combination. The flavours clash, but in a good way. These are something I'll be stocking up on and then enjoying all autumn! Get them while you can!
For some reason this write up has made me rather keen to watch Slimer in Ghost Busters again...
By Cinabar

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