31 October 2013

Mr Kipling's Exceedingly Creepy Toffee Terror Whirls (Asda) [by @NLi10]

I haven't picked up any real Halloween goodies this year - any spooks that come knocking on our door are getting Hershey's peanut butter cup minis and fruit chews.  The only thing we have really ended up with was these seasonal themed variations on the good old Viennese whirl - the Toffee Terror Whirl - that my partner bought home.

Pictured with obligatory cat and a cup of tea peaking out in the background. 

The packaging is spooky enough with a great use of oranges and browns, and the theme of toffee for Halloween is fine - toffee apples etc. Seems like a perfect offering (although hard to give out at the front door).

Here is SackBoy showing you what it looks like.

Yup - pretty similar to the regular ones! The insides are an interesting flavour though as the toffee is quite light and has that hint of burnt that all good modern toffees do. Not overwhelming but if you happen to seek out the filling then you do get a very strong aftertaste. 

Not something for everyday, but an interesting enough variation to warrant repeat purchases as the supermarkets desperately try to get rid of all the things with bats and skulls on them before santa stock piles in.

Happy Halloween - and hope you get more tricks than treats.

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Unknown said...

Where did you get that Sackboy toy?? I've been looking for quality ones and I can't find any.