23 October 2013

Poisonous Scorpions – Pickled Onion Flavoured Corn Snack (M&S) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve never liked scorpions. It must be their creepy crawly look. The way they creep around with their stretchy out sharp creepy claws and their long stretchy stingy sharp pointy tail bobbing along over their flat menacing heads, as they stroll arrogantly around looking for something fleshy to sting. Don’t get me wrong as I find most creepy crawlies creepy enough, but scorpions have a special creepy crawliness about them that sends shivers up and down my spine whenever I see one on the TV or even think of one. This in mind, Cinabar thought I was perfect for reviewing these Poisonous Scorpions Pickled Onion Flavoured Corn Snacks made for Marks and Spencer’s!

Fortunately I’ve never seen a scorpion in real life, asides these corn snacks of course. A guy I worked with years ago said that he’d holidayed in Mexico and had been held to ransom by a huge black scorpion in his hotel room, until his mate had jumped over it to get to the hotel room phone to call the manager. Apparently the manager had nonchalantly wondered into the room, taken his flip flop off and proceeded to slap the poor creepy crawly silly until bits of it was spread all over the walls, the ceiling and floor!

I totally loved the freaky shape of these creepy pickled onion scorpion corn snacks. On opening the bag the crisps had a strong pickled onion smell and a very decent crunch. These creepy scorpion corn snacks were easily the most sour corn snacks I've ever eaten. They blew Monster Munch Pickled Onion flavour out of the room! Neither Cinabar nor her mum could eat these corn snacks, but I thought they were an absolute masterpiece and they definitely shouldn't be limited to Halloween. They were exceedingly moreish and I didn't need to dip them in any sauce as they were fantastic on their own. They were flavoursome to the extreme and jumped almost to the top of my all time favourite crisps list (that’s more in my head, than in any tangible format). I would definitely buy these again and can only hope that M&S don’t have them as a limited edition. Happy creepy crawliness to you all!

Information on the packet;
They were in a 100g bag. Per 25g serving there was 120 calories, with 1.1g of sugar and 5.8g of fat. They were made in Denmark for Marks and Spencer’s (the Danes obviously know how to make really sour corn snacks). Ingredients included; corn grits, sunflower oil, pickled onion flavour seasoning, colour chlorophyll. Pickled Onion Seasoning included; sugar, dextrose, corn flour, dried onions, salt, dried yeast extract, dried barley malt vinegar, anti -caking agent; calcium phosphate, and ground cinnamon. There were no artificial colours and flavourings, and these corn snacks were suitable for vegetarians.
By Spectre

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