8 October 2013

Chocolate & Orange Mocha Latte (@CostaCoffee) [By @Cinabar]

I can’t resist the new drinks on the menu at Costa and the latest seasonal offering is this Chocolate Orange Mocha Latte treat. We popped in on Saturday afternoon, to give the new drink a try. They have also launched a Toffee Nut Caffè Caramella, but that will have to wait for another weekend, the orangey drink was the one I wanted to try first! Unusually they didn’t ask if I wanted cream on top before starting and they just went ahead and made it with, but that got no complaints from me, I’m testing it as it should be tried after all. On top of the generous layer of cream she sprinkled dark chocolate curls, and the drink looked super indulgent and very pretty. I like the addition of a proper chocolate topping, it had more flavour than a cocoa dusting, and looks a lot smarter.
I have to say the combination of flavours sounded like it might be a bit much, mixing chocolate and orange is a given that it would work, but I wasn’t sure how the addition of coffee would work. Thankfully its bitter tones bought balance to the drink, which I think otherwise may have been an over sweet treat. I loved the citrus tones, with the hot chocolate shot and the rich coffee base, and thought this would definitely one I'd choose to have again. I like the fact that Costa has chosen such a different mix of flavours for their new special, and pulled it off too. It’s the perfect soothing post autumnal shopping trip treat, having said that I think next week I’ll have the Toffee Nut Caffè Caramella just to give it a try.
By Cinabar


rach f said...

I must try one of those :)

cinabar said...

It is a bit lush!!