10 October 2013

Hit Choco Sticks, Bahlsen (Polish Grocer) [by @NLi10]

As we've established - my favourite food-group is biscuits, and due to the nature of the blog finding ones that I haven't tried yet and sticking them up here is a good reason to keep buying more.  In a different Polish Grocers opposite the one I usually shop in I found a whole assortment of things I hadn't had before and variations on things that I know well.  The shelves were very tightly packed together to give an Aladdin's cave effect which meant I was lucky to spot the Hit logo hidden on a low down shelf.  Bahlsen products have always been a reliable bet (they do those german looking biscuits where the chocolate hangs over the edge) and recently the Hit biscuits lived up to their name at work.

This little tub of about 18 biscuits was 89p and caught my eye for a few reasons.  One is that it's re-sealable - suggesting that I'll get fresh biscuits all week.  The other was that the chocolate is only on part of the biscuit.

Yes - it's essentially a Pocky style biscuit! They are larger than this picture (and my huge thumbs) suggest, but I think we did always have two when eating.

The biscuit is much more like the butter biscuits than the Hit wafer-like biscuits in the big packs are, and the chocolate seems to have a slight toffee hint to it, even though we failed to locate any on the ingredients.  These are very enjoyable and all who tried them wanted an extra one or two.

For the price I think I can safely say they are reasonably priced for import snacks, and the store had lots so there may be an even bigger pack hiding somewhere that will satisfy the coffee break needs of an office of four for a whole week (this basically lasted only three sittings and one of our group doesn't eat chocolate).

These are another snack that I will certainly pick up more of when I go back.  It's becoming worth me taking a detour home from work more regularly to pick up these slightly unusual things to try.

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