21 October 2013

Mega Monster Munch Webs (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

Spiders webs are traditionally pictured as being round, but the new Monster Munch Webs are square, which is a bit weird. Geometric spiders perhaps? In terms of having a Halloween flavour bacon is not that scary or seasonal. I’ve seen a few fiery chilli products, but bacon? Also I found I had the feeling of déjà vu when I saw these but couldn’t quite work out why at first, then it hit me - Wotsits. If I had my suspicious head on I might be thinking that Monster Munch simply re-released Wotsits Bacon Wafflers with a twist of brand and a tenuous Halloween link. However if you were a fan of the waffles when they were last released you may want to stock up on these anyway.
I'm pretty sure that these snacks would still be any monsters Halloween snack of choice though, as they are darn tasty. The pieces of Monster Munch Webs are big and chunky and very satisfying to munch on, they melt pleasingly in the mouth after the initial bite. The flavour is like a salty bacon, that works well with the base taste of corn maize. I liked the meatiness of the flavour, and felt it worked rather well.
One thing is for sure you can enjoy these crisps guilt free too; there are just 74 calories in the bag and just 3.4g of fat, so they are a healthier seasonal treat. Okay so they may not be as new or innovative as your want from a Limited Edition Halloween special, but one thing’s for sure you can't help but love them once you've opened the bag!
By cinabar

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