28 October 2013

Hotel Chocolat - Halloween Bites H Box (@HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar]

Presented in this smart Halloween themed box are some of Hotel Chocolat's seasonal offerings. The packaging is very smart and had a lovely spooky theme. I love the look of the Halloween chocolates, the crystal skull is stunning, the eyeballs stare up at you from the box and the pumpkins are beautifully moulded. There are some other chocolates in the selection too, without a Halloween feel, but still looking delectable. We decided to tuck in.

The Crystal Skull
This fine piece consists of sweet milk chocolate and is neatly moulded into a scary looking skull. The creamy chocolate is packed with cherry crystals, which add a lovely crunch when you bite in and munch, and they deliver a sweet cherry aftertaste. This really is the centre piece of the box.

Glanduja Bomb
These are the cocoa dusted balls in the photograph. They contain a super smooth praline, with loads of strong rich cocoa flavour and nutty goodness. The chocolate is silky smooth and an absolute delight to eat.

Praline Pumpkins
There are two varieties of these in the box, the orange coloured ones have a white chocolate shell and the others are milk chocolate. Both contain the thick signature Hotel Chocolat praline in all its nutty glory. I love praline and this is one of my favourites, the flavour is rich and the texture thick like fudge. The nutty chocolate infused flavour just fills your senses, yum.

Soft Caramel Cones
Again there were two varieties of these in the packet, the dark chocolate cone has a regular sweet caramel filling and the milk chocolate version contained a salted caramel. Both were beautiful, the salt with the sweeter chocolate was well balanced and the dark chocolate worked well with the more mellow flavour. I loved the way the chocolate gave when you bit in and the caramel flooded the taste buds.

Oozy Eyes
These chocolates are back on with the Halloween theme and look like chocolate eyeballs in the box. Like the Soft Caramel Cones, again these came with the two types of caramel, one salted one not. This time though it was the dark that had the salted caramel, coloured green, delivering a full flavour burst. The white eyeball had a blood red coloured liquid caramel creating a rich sweet treat. Both of the eyes had good thick shells, and I loved the contrast in textures with their liquid centres.

We really enjoyed munching these Halloween chocolate treats, and I think they would be perfect to eat on All Hallows Eve snuggled up on the sofa watching a scary movie. My only slight criticism of the set is that although the chocolates are nicely themed with pumpkins and the chocolate skull they didn't quite have any new daring flavour combinations, perhaps some pumpkin spice would have been nice? The chocolates although safe are perfectly packaged, top quality and absolutely divine to eat, so I really shouldn't moan!
By Cinabar

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