20 October 2013

Assorted Polish-sourced Biscuits (Polish Grocers) [by @NLi10]

This Friday I had some spare time when playing cards locally and decided to wander out for a take-away.  On the way I spotted a new (and surprisingly large) late night Polish Grocers (with a Deli counter) and decided to forgo the cheap and disappointing burgers and to go with biscuits instead.  I pictured them all on my dinosaur-shamen playmat.

First up was these Serduszka biscuits.  These are very buttery and chocolate covered on one side.  These had a soft texture, but were certainly perfect for sharing and snacking, or indeed as pictured with a nice hot drink.  Not that memorable, but very edible.

Next up we tried these from Jezyki (whose snacks we've had before on FoodStuffFinds) - a variation on their super biscuits for Dark Chocolate and what appears to be Blueberries.  You only get 9 biscuits, but wow - what biscuits they are!  They are very, very dark and the flavour is almost overpowering.  The tiny layer of caramel is very sticky and nicely makes the snack hold together.  The biscuit itself isn't that noticeable but does prevent it all from being too much.

After all that these Milka Choco Jaffa raspberry are a little disappointing.  As one of the people trying them said 'they taste exactly how you'd expect them to' like a Raspberry version of a Jaffa cake, just with a milkier more luxurious chocolate.  I will eat these again, nicely sweet and perfect to share, but they aren't a reason to make a special trip to the store.

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The Guy Next Door said...

I have always been tempted by these and will definitely try them now