11 October 2013

New Dairy Milk with Daim (Cadbury Factory Shop) [By @cinabar]

We’ve recently had a few days away in Portsmouth. We knew there was a good shopping centre there – but right near the entrance to it the big bold Cadbury logo caught my eye, and I had a look around the Cadbury Factory Shop situated there. They had a few new goodies, that I’ll be writing about over the next week or so, but first up is the new Daim Dairy Milk variant. Well, I say new, and to be fair it is, it’s just its here because Kraft seem to be reducing the Milka chocolate bars available, and switching them to Dairy Milk. Goodbye Daim Milka, hello the Cadbury version. I know that makes sense for the British market, but as a Milka fan it’s not the best news for me.
Like the Milka bar, this one contains fragment of almond cracknel, mixed into the base chocolate. There does seem to be a fair amount of Daim bits in the bar, but weirdly the flavour is almost lost.
When you bite in the crunch is quite something, it feels like there is loads of Daim packed it. It breaks, and cracks and crunches as you eat. I thoroughly enjoyed the texture, but it was still missing that distinct Daim taste. It was there, but not in the quantity you’d expect from the feel of the bar, it’s more Dairy Milk with a hint of Daim than anything else.
Now as the most significant flavour is the usual creamy sweet Dairy Milk I did still enjoy the bar. Even as a Milka fan, I can’t deny that I do like Dairy Milk chocolate, it’s a really soothing flavour. It’s just that if you are looking for the taste of Daim, it’s probably now best just to pick up a Daim bar, as this one feels like a bit of a watered down version.
By Cinabar

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