1 October 2013

Sweet Freedom – Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate: Hot Chocolate (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

This squeezy tub of liquid chocolate was in the hot chocolate section of Waitrose. It promised a better way to make hot chocolate as it has “no powdery lumps” and there is nothing worse that the repeated stirring to get powders to dissolve, so I thought I might try it out.
I hadn’t realised when I bought the product that it was also a new product as it was aiming itself at the healthier market, as it has 25% fewer calories than other hot chocolates. It also stated that the product could be used for a number of other uses, including topping porridge, fruit and even for making milkshake.
I heated up a mug of milk in the microwave, and added 4 teaspoons as suggested. Well I had to approximate the last three spoons as the stuff is so sticky it pretty much stayed on the spoon as I repeated stirred to get it to dissolve the gooey lumps. I took a sip, and was a bit puzzled by the flavour. It didn’t taste of hot chocolate to me, the flavour was chalky, very slightly bitter, and mainly malty with hint of cocoa. It’s a bit like asking for a cup of coffee and getting Camp coffee, it’s similar but clearly not the same product. It wasn’t the indulgent treat I’d been hoping for.
I had a look at the ingredients list, and cocoa was third on it, after fruit extracts and water. Don’t get me wrong it didn’t taste fruity either, but it wasn’t chocolaty. Now I know that this product says it’s lower in calories, but so is Galaxy Bubbles Orange hot chocolate, and that is wonderfully soothing, sweet fruity and full of cocoa.
I just can’t help thinking I’m missing the point with this Liquid Chocolate, perhaps it’s aimed at a different market? Perhaps it’s just an acquired taste, but I can’t see myself ever opening the tub again.
Anyone else tried it?
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I've seen these around but after trying the regular Sweet Freedom I decided not to get any. The regular stuff is supposed to be a healthier alternative to sugar, so I guess this is supposed to be the same kind of thing. Sounds disappointing anyway!

cinabar said...

It was - I have now chucked the rest of the tub :-/

The thing is if you mix cocoa and artificial sweetener together and then add hot milk you get a lovely sugar free hot choc.

Anonymous said...

I tried this the other day and really enjoyed it. I found the malty chocolate flavour warming and tasty.

cinabar said...

It just wasn't chocolatey enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Just tried some and made a milkshake. I really enjoyed it! Simple ingredients with no artificial sweeteners from a company that apears to be ethical (unlike Nestlé) . Will definitely be buying when I run out.