30 September 2013

New Cheeseburger Vegetable Supreme (@PizzaHutDeliver) [By @Cinabar]

Sometimes you know you want takeaway, but you just can’t decided between burgers or pizza... the new creation from Pizza Hut means you no longer have to make that decision, they have combined the two! I don’t mean that there is a new pizza out with mini burgers on top, this is something quite different, it is in the crust! Now I’ve seen hot dog pizzas before, but their shape does lend themselves to fitting in the crust better than a burger, but Pizza Hut didn’t let that put them off – they just altered the shape a bit...

The burger part is just the crust, so when you do choose this pizza (which is only available in large size) you also have to have a bit of a think about what toppings you want. I’m not entirely sure that varieties like the Tuna Melt would work, but the Vegetable Supreme seemed like the perfect flavour to complement the crust. I ordered this fine pizza from Pizza Hut delivery, and it is the first time I’ve used their service. The website stated that they aim to deliver within 30 minutes, but ours took nearly an hour, which wasn’t so good. We soon forgave the wait, when the wondrous looking new pizza arrived. It is quite an impressive site, with its clever shape, and burgers wrapped into the crust and topped with mozzarella all around the edges. There were 10 in total, one for each slice. I eased out the first piece, and gave it a try. Obviously I started from the middle, so was met with lovely crisp and fresh vegetables. Onions, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes were all present, and full of flavour and texture. The cheese on the pizza was especially good, with a creamy but strong flavour. I worked my way up to the burger, and gave it a try. It was actually a decent size, and remarkably well seasoned. It was a nice firm texture, and added a lovely rich beef meatiness to the crust. I was actually rather impressed!
I have to admit to thinking this pizza had been designed for novelty factor, but they have managed to put together a totally delicious combination, and I heartily recommend trying it with the Vegetable Supreme as its perfect topping. It is just a shame that it says it is around for a Limited Time Only, as it is the perfect party pizza, and would be great when the family are over at Christmas etc. Being novel, fun and tasty it meets all my requirements.
By Cinabar


  1. I saw this on Food Beast but assumed it was just an American thing. Nice to see we do get some fun stuff.

  2. Yours doesn't look as attractive as the one I got on my flier today :)

  3. It is a bit of a novelty pizza, but I did like it. But yes the fliers do look a lot neater!


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