16 September 2013

[New] Wonka – Chocolate Nice Cream (Local Newsagent) [By @Cinabar]

After trying the rather lovely Wonka Millionaires Shortbread, I was rather keen to get my hands on the other new bar to hit UK shelves. This Chocolate Nice Cream bar felt lumpy in the wrapper, and I feared my bar might actual be damaged, but once opened the strange feel of it made sense.
The bar has a name that sounds a bit like ice cream, and each of the chocolate pieces have an ice cream sundae design on the outer shell, which does look rather cute. There are four chocolate squares inside, joined together in bar formation. Inside the sundae bubble is a thick gooey layer of chocolate sauce, and under that is a slightly firmer base with a vanilla filling.
As a whole the ingredients are quite sweet, but still nice. The chocolate sauce is probably the biggest let down; on its own it has a syrupy flavour that tastes more like chocolate flavourings, than the good stuff. I realise that you aren't suppose to try the sauce part on its own, but I could resist! To be fair it does taste like the chocolate sauces you get on an ice cream van, but that isn't really what I want in my chocolate bar. The vanilla base is nice though and adds a creaminess to the bar. The coating chocolate is pleasant enough, but the flavour doesn't go that well with the sauce. Yes it has the flavours of a chocolate sundae, but its lacking an interesting texture, or clever flavour combination.
The bar comes in at 193 calories, so fairly high but not too bad compared to its peers. It was nice enough, but not one I’d rush out to buy again sadly. Out of the two new Wonka bars I've tried the Millionaires Shortbread is the clear winner.
By Cinabar

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