4 September 2013

Fruit-tella Magics (WH Smiths) [By @spectreUK]

These Fruit-tella Magics chewy sweets were made with natural colours and flavours, including fruit juice. I’m always impressed by sweet manufacturers that use actual fruit juice instead of crazy chemicals in an attempt to create the same flavour affects in a mad professor’s laboratory deep underground in a secret location. There were two flavours in the 140g bag, with each 100g having 400 calories, with 54g of sugar and 6.9g of fat. The ingredients included fruit juice from concentrates; orange, raspberry, strawberry and lemon, as well as fully hydrogenated coconut oil, glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid, gelatine, and gum arabic, amongst other things. The packet exclaimed that orange flavour changes to strawberry and raspberry flavour changes to lemon and that you have to chew to change the flavour. Each chewy sweet was individually wrapped. Orange changing to strawberry flavour had a very mild orange flavour that was quickly overpowered by strawberry, both mixed together to make a pleasant tasting chewy sweet. This was a natural tasting combination and not overly sweet which made them very tasty, moreish and did not particularly give me a guilty feeling whilst unwrapping and dumping one after another in my mouth. Raspberry changing to lemon flavour was more a mix of raspberry and lemon, which made for a sweet and sour explosive combo in the mouth. These were very nice indeed, again natural feeling and tasty, strangely healthy feeling even. Both flavour combinations of these chewy sweets were very flavoursome and I didn’t feel bad eating loads of them in one sitting. I wouldn’t say the flavours change from one to the other though, more a mixture of the two, but were still very tasty indeed and natural feeling. The rest of the chewy sweets certainly went down very quickly in the office too!
By Spectre


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

These are ace! :) Like you I managed to eat loads in one sitting too, there's something about them that's just very addictive.

cinabar said...

He didn't even bring any home from me!! :-D