19 September 2013

Chinese Oreos (Day Inn Supermarket, Birmingham) [by @NLi10]

This week saw 'Healthy Eating Day' in our work canteen - promoting the value of fruit.

So here are some Fruity Chinese varieties of Oreos that I discovered in our local Chinese Grocers Day Inn!  I realise this isn't in the true spirit of the above, but I did have the real fruit too (remember kids - 5 portions of fruit and veg a day is the minimum, not the target!)

They are:
Mango and Orange
Raspberry and Blueberry
Grape and Peach

As these were actually imported by the store's own import arm the ingredients stickers were clear and well set out so I knew exactly what I was getting into!  Also they were only £1.50 a pack, which for import snacks is frankly ace.

The biscuits are exact Oreo cookies - and you get 9 per pack.  They crumbled a bit when I separated them (I didn't do the Oreo twist as that smudges the lines) and I only photoed one as they were all similarly coloured lines in identical biscuits.

These are much sweeter than regular Oreos and have a very aggressive tang to them.  As with a lot of snack food there really sin't much to tell between them - the Orange based one is the tangiest, the peach one has a warmth to the flavour and the raspberry one is fruitier and perhaps the sweetest.  The Raspberry one is also my favourite, but they really are quite close together in terms of taste.

I'll buy these again, but I do like biscuits that encourage sharing.  As a spectacular thing to have at the hypothetical dinner party these would be good - everyones seen Oreos but no-one has seen these.  With any luck they will show up in a few more stores (and they will still be in stock when I go back!)

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