20 September 2013

Knickerbocker Glory Chocolate (@Prestat) [By @cinabar]

There are quite a few products linking chocolates with desserts, for example I’ve seen a few Eton Mess chocolate bars, and Tiramisu chocolates, but the fabulous Knickerbocker Glory is often overlooked. It’s a British tradition, how can your face fail to light up if it is ordered in a restaurant and a waiter brings over an oversized glass filled with fruit, ice cream, nuts and fresh cream; there is nothing quite like it.
One of Prestat’s new artisan range is trying to pack all that goodness into a simple bar of chocolate, which sounds like a pretty mean feat. The bar contains, passion fruit, meringue, strawberry, almonds and it is all in a white chocolate base.
I opened up the box and unwrapped the foil, to find a gentle fruit scent and a pale pink looking bar. It was very intriguing, and I broke a corner off to try. The flavour, in a word, was delicious. It had the predominantly zingy flavour of passion fruit, mellowed by the sweeter strawberry, and the creaminess from the white chocolate. It was like eating the best fruit salad you could imagine but in a bar. Although there weren’t any visible pieces of meringue, their light crunch added a lovely level of complexity to the texture of the bar, just giving it an edge of something that shatters and melts somewhere in the background. The nut flavour was mild, and thankfully not like marzipan, just adding the creamy taste of almonds to the mix. The flavours were fresh, fruity, creamy, nutty and chocolaty, what more could anyone want?
For all the high street bars attempting crazy sounding chocolate flavours and ingredients, this bar here is the clear winner. It’s different, but it works like a dream. Its neatly presented, but wrapped up in that package is something quite astounding, glorious even. It’s a dessert in a bar.
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

Ooh I love the sound of this! Where did you buy it?

Unknown said...

A dessert in a bar? I agree - who doesn't love a knickerbocker glory, and to have a bar version of such a staple is tremendous. Now I just have to hunt it down...

cinabar said...

Prestat are sold in Selfridges, and well worth hunting down. :-) Such a fab bar!