13 September 2013

Nanobytes – Cola Flavour Sweets (The Works ‏@NanobytesSweets) [By @Cinabar]

There are new sweets on the shelves called Nanobytes, and they come in super shiny space-age stylepackets. I always said that if you really want to get my attention with a new product, make the wrapper shiny and the item new – so I guess they found their target audience! :-D
Inside the resalable bag, I found lots and lots of tiny looking brown sweets, I poured some into my hand. The sweets are quite small and a light brown in colour, although round they are very uneven, probably going for a meteorite look to fit in with the theme.They felt quite tough and I was a little worried they were going to be super hard, but when I tried a few I realised the texture was just right. Although they felt solid, after a few moments they became wonderfully chewy and the sweets sort of amalgamated into one, and then with a little more chewing, melted away.
The flavour was sweet and tangy too, it was a good representation of cola, and had an almost lemony hint to it too. I found these very easy to eat, with the flavour being nicely balanced, sweet but not overpowering. I found them very moreish too, and they were a little too easy to munch on, I kept pouring a few more in my hand just to give them another try.
I did intend to take these into work to see what everyone there thought about them, but – well – the packet, err... was empty sooner than expected.
I do have packs of the other two new flavours, Bubblegum and Strawberry which I will have to save and taste test at work, and get some feedback on! ;-)
By cinabar

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