5 September 2013

ProperCorn - Lightly Sea Salted [by @Nli10]

Yesterday we popped into London to see The Book Of Mormon (which is very, very good but not one for people who are offended, or who dislike musicals) and as we came via Marylebone station I decided to pop into the Bagel Factory and get some more of that ProperCorn that we liked so much last time.  They only had the flavour we tried previously and this lightly sea-salted variety so I went for this.

We cracked these open in the interval and were struck by how little there was done to the corn.  Lightly salted is correct - these are pretty much as plain as you can get! This was not a problem as they all got devoured pretty quickly, but in contrast to the explosive flavours in the previous kind this was a confusing thing.

I guess if you want good popcorn that tastes of popcorn then this is it! Its not going to make you run for the drinks stand due to salt, it's not the horrible sugar coated popcorn that most bagged ones are.  It's not too soft and not too hard, and there are no dreaded unpopped kernels lurking at the bottom.

I'd probably choose the Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-dried Tomato version over this personally, but it's nice to have a choice depending on your mood!

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