9 September 2013

Taste the Difference Bistro: Blood Orange Creme Brulee (@sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Despite a sweet tooth, Spectre isn’t much of a fan of desserts. He is more likely not to want any than to have a fancy for something sweet for afters in a restaurant. He has an exception to this rule though, and that is the humble Creme Brulee, his pudding of puddings. When I discovered that Sainsbury’s new Taste The Difference Brulee had the added twist of Blood Orange I couldn’t decide if it would go down well with him, but I thought it was worth a try!
The Creme Brulees come in pottery ramekins, and have a sachet of sugar that your sprinkle on top and pop under the grill until they go golden.
Once out from the grill the desserts had a lovely topping that cracked open with a spoon, revealing the creamy custard like filling. The addition of the blood orange flavour worked remarkably well, it was fresh and zesty, with a sharp edge rather than adding any extra sweetness. The main flavour was still full of creamy caramel tones, and reminded me of melting toffees, and the orange didn’t distract from that it merely complemented it adding its clever marmalade flavour.
When I first saw these puddings I did think that they would be a nice Halloween treat, if you played on the ‘blood’ orange on a Halloween menu, so I was a little disappointed to discover that there was no blood red sauce within the pudding, or hint of any additional colour at all. The flavour of the blood orange is contained with the Creme Brulee itself.
The official Creme Brulee expert seemed to be enjoy his pudding a lot, and scraping the last bits out of the pottery container. I asked him what he thought and he agreed that the blood orange added a lovely zingy taste to it and it was a nice twist on a regular Creme Brulee. He also said it was one of the nicest shop bought Creme Brulee’s he’d had, and it would be something he definitely would have again. High praise indeed!
By Cinabar

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