8 September 2013

Pejoy - Red Wine & Chocolate and Strawberry & Vanilla [by @NLi10]

After seeing the wonderful (but not for anyone who dislikes being offended) musical The Book Of Mormon we happened to be walking through London's Chinese shopping area looking for a restaurant and spotted a shop with far more Pocky variants than usual.  I picked up these two - from the sister range of inside-out Pocky Pejoy.

These are manufactured under the Glico license in China, presuably to be sold locally and appear to have been part of a special range.

The red wine and chocolate one is probably the most unusual bread stick plus that i've had in some time.  The smell is certainly authentic and while I'm sure there is no alcohol involved, if you much the whole stick at once you get a pleasurable flavour that is very similar to a wine.  I need to try these on some experts, but the people at work I ran them past did seem to enjoy them - as did the card players that evening.

The combo with the dark choc works well, wonder if this works with real wine too?

The only slightly more normal Strawberry's and Vanilla was up next.  Again I'd not seen this but I presumed it would be similar to the freeze-dried strawberry Pocky that I had a lot in Thailand.  Turns out it's a slightly different proposition and is a lot more like a milkshake and less like a strawberry.  I am fine with this however as these tasted great.

The card players definitely preferred the Strawberry Pejoy, where as at work the older generation preferred the wine.  I'm sure that most people would have a favourite but for the sheer novelty - and even though I don't drink wine - the sophisticated adult Pejoy was the superior experience for me.

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