23 September 2013

Um Bongo: New Mango-Tango (Tesco @UmBongoUK) [By @cinabar]

Recently Um Bongo had a bit of a re-launch, which made people like me rather happy. It is one of those brands that fills me with nostalgia as it was a regular product in my school lunch box! They have now added a new flavour to the range, Mango-Tango and I popped a large carton of it in the fridge to chill. The packaging was very bright and had the usual Um-Bongo logo on the front of the pack as well as all of the usual characters. I was rather pleased to see they had a rhyme on the side of the box introducing the new flavour too. The original Um-Bongo poem is a bit of a cult classic – you should check out the original advert on YouTube!
Anyway this new flavour is introduced by the monkey and the giraffe and is a mix of apple and mango. I’m actually a big fan of mango juice, but it can be quite a difficult one to find, so it is nice to see it being used in this way. Its also quite a full on flavour, so I was keen to see how it worked out mixed with apple. I found the taste was well balanced, and feels very tropical. It isn’t as syrupy as pure mango juice as the apple mellows the sweetness and adds a fresh tangy aftertaste. The mango is the stronger taste, mellow but sweet with the apple just coming in at the end.
It was very easy to drink, with is lovely sweet and fruity tones. It is definitely one I’ll buy again, and I love that it comes in the larger cartons. It makes a refreshing change to the same old cartons of orange juice for the fridge, and adds a bit of tropical magic.
By Cinabar

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