27 September 2013

New Galaxy Nut Crunch (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

I have to admit to not being particularly taken by the New Galaxy Honeycomb edition, and as I bought this bar at the same time, it has sat on the Foodstuff Finds shelf a little longer than the average chocolate bar. With the chocolate the honeycomb was a little too sweet, even for me.
Like the honeycomb bar this one also supports Galaxy’s new look, which is slightly retro but disappointingly lacking gloss. Galaxy is supposed to be luxury, but the packaging just looks a little cheap to me. I broke the first line of chocolate off, and was quite pleased by the nut content, there seemed to be a fair amount, and the pieces looked like they varied nicely in size.
I bit in and discovered the chocolate was much more well balanced with the nut content than the honeycomb edition. Ok I admit it, I do rather like nuts and chocolate, but I think the combination works so much better than anything else with such a sweet milk chocolate base. The nuts inside the chocolate had a very defined crunch, like they had been roasted, which gave the bar a nice satisfying texture. The nuttiness came with a hint of salt and caramel that really complemented the rich silky sweet chocolate.
I don’t know why I waited so long to try this bar, it was totally delicious, and way more balanced than the other bar. This will be my Galaxy bar of choice for now.
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I love this bar, and would probably go for this out of all the others too :) Most of them are just too sweet, I tried the caramel one the other day and although it was nice it was a sugar overload!

cinabar said...

Its really unusual for me to find something to sweet though - my taste-buds have an impressive tolerance!