14 September 2013

New Piri-Piri Chicken Pot Noodle (Asda) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve noticed a bit of a theme with some of the recent flavours of Pot Noodles, such as Donner Kebab and Southern Fried Chicken to name but a couple. This new Piri-Piri Chicken flavour reminded me of the main ingredients for Nandos chicken, well asides chicken of course. As Pot Noodles are supposed to be a quick, cheap and cheerful alternative to eating out at your favourite restaurant, why not create Pot Noodles that remind us of our favourite meals? There’s genius in this idea somewhere, especially for those hard up students that need a pick me up after a hard day of ‘study’ in the student union or boozers who have been ‘studying’ down the local pub or nightclub and need a food fix late at night. Sometimes you need something quick and simple to prepare, and that’s where Pot Noodles come in. Of course, there are other folk such as myself who can’t boil an egg without sitting on the toilet for two days afterwards, but are generally okay pouring freshly boiled water in a pot and stirring!

In the 90g pot of this Piri-Piri Chicken Pot Noodle there was 430 calories, with 15g of fat and 11g of sugar. The ingredients included, the usual noodles, as well as sauce which contained; wheat flour, sugar, water, onion, potato starch, tomato, garlic, red pepper flakes, spice, chilli powder, palm oil, citric acid, lemon juice, and salt; and there was also a ‘zingy sachet of lime sauce’, which contained; concentrated lime juice, sugar, water, spirit vinegar, and modified corn starch. On peeling back the metal top of the Pot Noodle I noticed there was a large amount of powdery red sauce covering the usual noodles. I added freshly boiled water and mixed in the noodles with the fiery looking red coloured sauce. I had already picked out the green coloured sachet of ‘zingy lime sauce’ before adding the freshly boiled water – not so bad at cooking as I first proclaimed you know! I tore open the packet and poured in the green coloured liquid giving the Pot Noodle a good stir with a metal fork. I noticed there were red bits or flakes of chilli in the sauce. There was a fiery hot taste of chilli first, with the well accustomed Piri-Piri flavour close behind that did remind me of the Piri-Piri on chips and the medium hot sauce on their chicken I usually enjoy at Nando’s. There was a lime tang at the end of the Piri-Piri flavour that mixed well with the noodles and sauce. I found this was one of the spiciest pot noodles I’ve eaten and certainly one of the most flavoursome, having said that there wasn’t much chicken flavour in the sauce, but the lime tang was an unusual yet very welcome addition. I reckon it would be a good soberer after a night on the tiles. The chilli heat made my nose run a bit whilst I ate the Pot Noodle. I enjoyed it with a good pint of ale whilst dipping in chunks of brown bread, and with some cheese and onion crisps on the side. I’d recommend this Pot Noodle to anyone and would have it again.
By Spectre


rach f said...

I tried this on a hot day ha couldn't finish it had sweats and nose runs. Nice though

cinabar said...

It was good - but not as hot as the kebab version!!! oh my!!

Anonymous said...

Just tried my first one - a spur of the moment deviation from my preferred Curry Flavour. Was quite impressed. As others have pointed out, the flavour is very Nando's.

Not too sure about the lime sauce, though. I love fresh lime and citrus flavours with my food, but this was the equivalent of adding lime cordial. Maybe a should have just put in half the sachet, but I thought I'd go all out since it was my first time.

7 out of 10 - would buy again