28 September 2013

Tyrrell’s Aristo-Crackling - Pork Crackling with a Dash of Mustard (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I liked the classical design of the yellow mustard coloured packet with rosette and union jack image with two pigs wearing top hats inside the rosette on the front of the packet, and the slogan stating; “A corker of a porker”. This left me with no qualms that this was a British pork product and Tyrrell’s were proud of it. This pork crackling was slow-roasted and given a spot of mustard to add flavour. I was looking forward to the pork crackling as soon as I saw the packet. I love pork crackling and I love English mustard. Putting the two together seemed like a dream come true. An excellent idea I thought to myself as I went to tear open the bag with an already watering mouth. I thought I’ll just check the ingredients which included; pork rind, yeast extract, salt, rice flour, sugar, spices, English mustard, colours of turmeric and paprika, and also dried dill. Per 50g packet there was 293 calories, with 20.6g of fat and 0.3g of sugar. There was a warning just under the ingredients; “Suitable for those with strong healthy teeth.” This made me worry a little. I’d recently enjoyed melt in the mouth Mr Trotter’s Jalapeño flavour pork crackling, but would this pork crackling break my aging teeth? I guess there was only one way to find out...

On opening the packet there was a very salty pork crackling smell, with a mild hint of mustard. Cinabar stated on trying the first one that they were really hot from the mustard, but that she couldn’t actually taste the mustard. As soon as I put the first pork crackling on my tongue I got an instant hit of English Mustard, and then it disappeared replaced by salty pork rind taste. There was no flavour of mustard whilst I was eating it, but there was a zing of heat at the end in the aftertaste. I was not to be disappointed by the crunch though and I had nothing to fear, as the pork crackling pieces had a lovely crunch to them and left me with no broken teeth. There were a few pieces that were bang full of mustard and blew my head off, giving me that tingling affect in my nose that a big blob of English Mustard can deliver. These were a lovely alternative to Mr Trotter’s Jalapeño pork crackling, but in a straight fight between the two Mr Trotter would come out on top for heat and flavour. Having said that I would have these again as a milder alternative for when I’m feeling less daring!
By Spectre

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