21 September 2013

Seabrooks –Bread Crisps Fireman Frank’s Sweet Chilli with Chilli and Mixed Peppers [By @SpectreUK]

I'm always looking for alternative snacks to crisps and these Seabrook’s Fireman Frank’s Sweet Chilli with Chilli and Mixed Peppers bread crisps sent by a friend for us to try seemed just the ticket. They were oven baked in Yorkshire and served in a 25g packet, which was 104 calories, with 2.8g sugar, and 2.6g of fat. These bread crisps were thin slices of baked bread with chilli and mixed peppers, and seasoned with sweet chilli flavouring. The ingredients included; wheat flour, rapeseed oil, tomato purée, sugar, ascorbic acid, yeast, dried red and green peppers, garlic purée, sea salt, chilli flakes, and coriander. On opening the packet there was a very spicy chilli and peppery smell to the red thin slices of baked bread (see photo). The bread crisps looked like small pieces of croutons and had a good crunch to them, but were not tooth-breakingly hard like some fried croutons. They had a light medium spice and were very tasty, with a full tomato flavour, and a bite of chilli and peppers with a hint of coriander. These bread crisps melted in my mouth after the initial crunch and were very moreish. They had a good medium spice that didn't make my nose run or make me want to call for Fireman Frank to put out a fire in my mouth and throat, but they were so very flavoursome. I would have these bread crisps again. They had a good lunch-box sized pack, were a very healthy feeling snack and an excellent alternative to crisps.
By Spectre


Ian Taylor said...

Being fan of Seabrooks, never seen them before! Where did you get it from?

cinabar said...

These were actually a gift from a reader :-)