3 September 2013

BARR Limited Edition Bubblegum Drink (Pound World) [By @cinabar]

This is from the lovely people at BARR who brought us the fabulous drink that is Irn Bru, they have a new limited edition on the shelves... Bubblegum! When I told Spectre what drink they had released he replied; “How can you chew it if it’s made from girders?” :-D
I’ll be honest when I first saw this I didn‘t know what to think, I’ve never seen a Bubblegum drink before, and part of me thought that was because it something that doesn’t sound quite right. You can’t say no to the idea of four cans for £1 though, so obviously I picked them up.
I chilled the drink, to try and make it as refreshing as possible, and then poured it out into my glass. It was blue, and by that I really do mean blue, quite a bright shade too. There was an impossibly sweet smell too. Oh boy!
I tentatively took my first sip. Wow! It was indeed super sweet and tasted like bubblegum ice lollies, the kind I used to buy as a kid. This drink does have the unmistakable taste of that bubblegum flavour, it’s very sweet and the taste is over powering, but part of me quite liked it. It made me nostalgic despite its super sweet tone, but I could imagine that kids who are the target market would just lap it up!
The new BARR Bubblegum is something a bit different and playful, and it is nice to see a bit of innovation in the market. Just don’t go expecting a subtle delicate drink, it's bright blue and fully flavoured! :-)
By Cinabar


  1. I shall have to keep an eye out for these. I used to love bubble gum flavour pop as a kid, I think Panda Pops made their own version.

  2. Filthy stuff loaded with sweeteners that my boys love!

  3. Apparently you get Bubblegum flavour by mixing orange oil, wintergreen oil and vanilla. In the USA there is "Big Red", which people commonly think is a bubblegum flavoured soda, but the manufacturers call it "Red Cream Soda", when I had it last it looked like Tizer, but definitely had the bubblegum taste, but had more vanilla - I'd be interested to compare the Barr bubblegum drink with Big Red!

  4. Kev A - for me it was all about bubblegum ice lollies when I was a kid :-) The long thin blue ice pops.

    Paulham - lol, I eat far too many sweetners...

    Matty B - wow, so it is orange wintergreen and vanilla - I kinda want to use that knowledge to make bubblegum cup cakes ;-) You'll have to let me know how it goes if you do a taste comparison test. On a similar subject, any idea what flavour "Tizer" is?

  5. BARR wont tell us what makes Tizer the flavour it is, however they do disclose that it has safflower and carrot in it, however I think this is for colour not flavour purposes.

  6. Ok so I bought a bottle, I think there is some citrus too, but can't quite work it out. It is good though!

  7. It looks really nice , does anyone know where you get them from. I really wanna try it!!!!

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  9. I love it ssoo good buy it


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