6 September 2013

[New] Wonka – Millionaires Shortbread (Local Newsagent) [By @Cinabar]

Those of us who hang out in the import food shops will be well aware of the prevalence of Wonka sweets and chocolates in America. I know that we at Foodstuff Finds have already covered quite a few of their goodies too, but this bar is a little different. This is a UK launch for the brand, with which they hope to bring a bit of the Wonka magic direct to UK shores.
The problem with promising something different is that at the minute Cadbury are working through their Marvellous Creation range, which are all seriously crazy combinations – Cola, Pretzel and Honeycomb chocolate anyone? By comparison Millionaires Shortbread doesn’t sound all that different at all, it is after all biscuit, caramel and chocolate. It seems strangely safe.
The bar has also came with a fair amount of bad press, mainly due to its calorie content. To be fair this particular size of bar has 200 calories which really isn’t out of the ordinary. For comparison sake the new Maltesers Teasers is 186 and the new Quality Street My Green Bar has 196 calories, and are both of a similar size. Kit Kat Chunky’s are around the 250 calorie mark.
Putting the calorie count aside, as any true chocoholic would, I unwrapped the bar. I found four neat squares of chocolate, all with the trademark ‘W’ adorned on them. I broke a piece off and was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t see any oozing caramel. Still I bit in and gave it a try. No matter how much I looked at the piece of chocolate I couldn’t see gooey caramel, just a pale solid, but in texture it was all there which was rather nice. The biscuit layer was crunchy and buttery and tasted very rich, the golden caramel flavour on top just turned it into such a lush treat. Yes it was sweet, but the cocoa flavour broke it up, and every piece was just spot on.
It had a nice mix of textures; sweet, buttery, caramel and chocolate tastes intertwined and the bar thoroughly impressed me. It was a fab choccy treat, and I can’t wait to try the other new varieties from Wonka.
By Cinabar

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