17 September 2013

[New] Walkers Mighty Lights: Roast Chicken (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

I have to admit to loosing track a bit of all the new iterations of low fat crisps that keep appearing on the shelves. My favourite flavour of crisps is Roast Chicken, and they are rarely included in the lower fat ranges. These Mighty Lights caught my eye when I saw the flavour so I popped them into my trolley.
I like crinkle cut crisps too, they do have a more intense flavour as the ridges gather the seasoning and make them a little bit stronger. The crisps are a decent thickness and cut which also makes them seem crunchier than other crisps. The smell reminded me of regular Walkers Roast Chicken, but the taste was a little more intense as promised. There was a nice meatiness to them, and they reminded me of chicken gravy, juicy with a hint of salt. It’s an impressive taste, especially when I realised it said they were suitable for vegetarians on the back of the pack! I munched my way quite happily through them, and soon finished the bag.
The issue I had was that they are aimed at the healthier market. The bag still contains 114 calories and 4.7g of fat, so although they have reduced fat they still have more calories than quite a few non low fat crisps, e.g. Quavers or Hula Hoops.
If you are exchanging a bag of full fat crinkle crisps for them, then they will be lower fat and better for you, and if you want a lower fat Roast Chicken flavour I think these are the first I’ve seen. It’s just that there are some crisps available which have a much lower calorie count than these, if you are trying to be ultra-careful, but I think these would have the edge on flavour.
By Cinabar

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