2 September 2013

New Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp (WHSmiths) [By @cinabar]

The thing about buying chocolate in WH Smith is that I’m rather used to new products being on a £1 special, so it is really annoying buying full price chocolate from in there. Anyway that aside, new is new so I picked this bar and another one for a later review. I had no change from £5 though and just 2 chocolate bars! :-o
I wanted to take a moment to mention the updated wrappers that Galaxy has switched too. What do you think of them? Part of me thinks they stand out better than the previous ones and the sweep of colour makes them more easily identifiable. I’m not keen on the matt finish though, it makes it look a bit retro, but somehow not in a good way.
I do like honeycomb, and cinder toffee, with Crunchie bars also being a favourite. From the top this bar looks like a regular Galaxy bar, but turn it over or break a piece off and you can see all the honeycomb pieces within it.
I tried my first chunk, and an overwhelming sweetness hit my taste buds. It was if anything too sweet, even for me. I didn’t think Galaxy was as sweet as it was, but with the addition of the honeycomb it really tipped it for me. After the first strip I was done, I just didn’t fancy any more. I liked the crunchy texture, but couldn’t quite worked out what happened.
I can eat honeycomb raw, and regularly have the chocolate dipped variety, so why wasn’t this working?
I’m hoping to have more luck with the other new bar, a new Galaxy nutty version, which I also picked up. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for such a sweet treat, I do worry about how other factors can influence you perception of a product. I’ll have to try it again, and see if I change my mind. Has anyone else tried it? What did you think?
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

I'VE got a bar of this ready to review myself I'll let you know how I fair, shame as Galaxy rarely go wrong.

Lisa said...

Nah, too sweet for me too. I think the honeycomb doesn't go well with the Galaxy chocolate, which already has that syrupy-glucose-sweet thing going on in the background.

I do like the new packaging, but not the shape of the chocolate. it hurts my teeth biting into it!

cinabar said...

Roy Snax-on - Do let me know what you think of it when you try it, because I agree Galaxy bars are usually lovely.

Lisa - I have such a sweet tooth, I was very surprised to find this over powering. I was okay with the shape though - just don't put it in the fridge. ;-)