3 October 2013

Mattesons Spicy Jumbo Frankfurters [by @NLi10]

I do love Batchelor Chow style instant quality ingredients.  Take for example these sausages that come pre-everything and in a vacuum sealed bag that doesn't need refrigeration.  They first came to my attention when we took a very primative version to coook at a festival many, many years ago.  They have come a long way since then.

The packaging looks quite promising - it's all done just like a real quality product!

When you get inside your confidence is less secure.  Can this taste like a decent, eddible thing?  We stab it violently (as the plastic is tough) four or five times with a fork and put it in the microwave on full for 40 seconds and...

It becomes a reasonable meal!  Well - with the addition of pasta and a few Sun-dried tomatoes from a jar anyway.

This particular variety is the spicy one - it has definite hints of actual jalapeno pepper, but not enough to cause a fan of heat any trouble.  Of the this and the plain (well, smokey) varieties I've had recently this is my favourite.

I do have a fatter version that I am saving to slice up and cook on  a pizza but haven't got around to that one yet.

I have a stach of these in the cupboard to addd to veggie meals with no fear of them going off, and may take some to games days as most places have a microwave you can use and a nice hot snack would be most welcome!

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