18 October 2013

Port and Stilton Crisps (M&S) [By @cinabar]

I was pretty sure I hadn't seen this particular variety of crisps before in M&S, but on closer inspection the bag said “New Improved Flavour”, not simply “New”. I suspect they may have been out last year and somehow missed me by.
We decided to have them as an accompaniment to some sandwiches over a shared lunch, and eagerly opened the pack. The initial aroma was of a slightly cheesy smell, but it was rather mild. We shared some out for munching and tasting, and all tucked in.
My initial reaction was actually to be a bit disappointed; the flavour was remarkably mild, they were closest to being ready salted than anything fancier. I accept I may sound a little harsh, but they really were lacking any major flavour burst. To be fair I could pick up on a background taste of cheese, but it was oh so mild and a bit generic rather than anything specifically Stilton like, sadly though the port element was lost completely to me. These were inoffensive crisps, but they weren't the special variety I'd hoped for. The background potato taste was nice and the crisps had a nice luxury firm crunch to them, they were just a bit plain on the seasoning.
My mum gave these a try, and it was a blind taste as I hadn’t told her what flavour they were supposed to be. She too said whatever it was it was very mild, her initial reaction was to say that she thought they were sour cream without the chive, but after a trying a few more she did concede and suggest that perhaps they were mild cheese, but that was as specific as she would go.
So there you go then, pleasant enough mild tasting cheesy crisps, but nothing special and no port that any of us could detect.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Did you try the Kettle Chips Stilton & Port flavour crisps last year (they're not doing them this year - I was sad enough to email them...!!) just wondering how they compare - they certainly weren't short of flavour...

Anonymous said...

Sainsburys have done their own for the last few years but they don't appear to be doing them this year :(