7 October 2013

New After Eight Desserts (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

Last month Brian Sollit died. It’s a name you may not immediately recognise, but you will have sampled his work. He spent the majority of his working life as head confectioner at Rowntree’s, and during his career he developed Matchmakers, Drifters, Yorkie bars and amongst the other goodies; After Eight chocolate mints. It seems fitting then to spare a thought for how he influenced the British chocolate market with his confectionary skills, while we try the latest After Eight delight.
The new dessert, based on the famous chocolates, is dual layer, with a minty base with a dark chocolate topping. The packaging keeps the After Eight themeing, with its dark green card and gold clock logo and actually looks rather posh.
I do like mint, and to be honest it isn’t the easiest flavour to find when it comes to puddings, so I was really keen to give these new ones a try. The minty base has lots of peppermint flavour, and is sweet but refreshing and clean tasting. The mint balance is right, it’s strong and zingy, but is soothed by the chocolaty coating. The topping has the richer darker chocolate taste, and it does bring balance to the dessert. Both layers are very smooth and creamy, and easy to eat. I found myself scraping the last bits out of the pot, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I love that this great British traditional chocolate has been bought to us in a new format, it’s a decadent way to finish a meal. Do I think Brian Sollit would be impressed? Oh yes, and long may his legacy live on.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

OK, that's it. I'm moving to the UK.

cinabar said...

Lol - wish I could send you some!!