17 October 2013

Organic Chocolate & Cherry Rice Pudding (Red Kite Healthfoods, Bromsgrove) [by @NLi10]

Recently I rediscovered some old review things that I'd forgotten I'd bought - hidden in a kitchen cupboard.  One of these is the pudding version of the Lifestyle Organic things I reviewed ages ago.  Luckily they are space packaged and probably indestructible so I thought we'd give one a go.

Cherry and chocolate rice pudding sounds fantastic - but it doesn't photograph well...

The packaging suggested we add water, and sugar to taste, so I added a generous helping of brown sugar which gave this an added zing.

It didn't improve the presentation of the meal though...

Rice pudding was never going to win any beauty awards, but the taste was good.  The chocolate was a nice base flavour and the cherries provided most of the sweetness.  The sugar we'd added sat in-between the two as a kind of background.  The texture of the rice was soft, but still noticeable, and there were no nasty hard bits like you sometimes get from package pudding recipes.

All in all a success - and pretty quick to make too.

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