1 November 2013

Wing-Co. Chocolate Flavour Milk Drink (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I participated in Movember last year and raised about £130. Even though it was apparent after a few days that it was physically impossible for me to grow an actual moustache, people still gave generously, of which I am still thankful. I’m not sure if I will try and grow another mangled fluffy slug thing under my nose this year, but I will certainly donate to friends who do participate and donate to the charity also, as it’s for such a good cause to raise awareness of prostate cancer, other male cancers and associated charities. This Wing-Co. Chocolate Flavour Milk Drink reminded me of Movember, especially because of the moustachioed pilot on the front of the bottle. With phrases such as; “Proper man fuel” and “don’t be a girl shake it up and drink it now”, I was intrigued as to why Wing-Co. wouldn’t try to appeal to both men and women to sell more of their product. This product reminded me a little of the sexist marketing for McCoy’s crisps and Yorkie bars. Don’t get me wrong, I love McCoy’s crisps and like to munch on the odd Yorkie bar now and then, but I always grimace a little due to their packets as I can’t see women buying something that tells them not to buy it! It is a marketing scheme that just doesn’t seem logical to me, but perhaps I think too much anyway as women get cancer too! :-S

Anyway, I digress... this 500g bottle of Wing-Co. Chocolate Flavour Milk Drink had 65 calories, 0.5g fat, and 9.5g sugar per 100g. The ingredients included; skimmed milk 90%, sugar, whey protein, fat reduced cocoa powder 1.3%, maltodextrin, milk minerals, carrageenan as a stabiliser and also vitamin D. I gave the bottle a good hearty shake and opened it for a good hearty swig. If I didn’t like the marketing scheme I certainly couldn’t moan about the quality of this chocolate flavour milk drink. It reminded me of a high end supermarket chocolate milk drink that I drank far too much of and had to give up because of my ever increasing belly. It was very creamy with a really good cocoa flavour. The drink was very moreish, not too sweet and didn’t feel like a kids chocolate drink, more like an adult’s chocolate drink. At the risk of sounding sexist it felt like if I drank the whole bottle in one go it would put hair on my face. Besides, I need all the help I can get if I decide to grow a moustache in Movember, as I just can’t grow one at all. So I did drink the whole bottle in one go. I didn’t notice any further facial hair growth though. I really enjoyed this chocolate flavour milk drink and would have it again. So remember if you see a guy with a moustache in Movember make sure you give him a smile, he’s likely to be doing it for charity and hating every scratchy minute! And remember women can grow moustaches too, although that’s not necessarily a good thing, but if you do see a woman with a moustache in Movember just try not to stare at it...
By Spectre

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